Create Your Own Website with Godaddy and WordPress

Anyone who has the ability to write something or has something that he wants to promote, wishes to have a website of his own. Many people use the free version of WordPress or Blogspot etc. but there are many issues with using the free version. For example, you will get a domain name something like or The company that provides you the hosting services may put their own ads on a website like this. Similarly another issue is the available memory space, you get a lot of memory space when you buy a domain name and web hosting services. The biggest issue with using the free version is that you can customize your website just to some extent. In case you buy a domain name and hosting services, you have full control over your website and much more options and tools to customize and optimize it.

There are many websites working online that provide domain registration and web hosting services. is a well known website among them. It has several attractive offers for its customers but the one we will talk about is the $1/month web hosting offer. Most often, you get a domain name free for the first year with this offer. So let’s start building our own website.

Choosing a Domain Name

The first thing to do before buying hosting services, is to choose a suitable domain name for your website. There are several articles about how to choose domain name. It can be your name if you are just a blogger. If you want to run an online business, then choose something that closely relates with your business. If you write about a specific topic, think about a domain name that is related to that topic. Please remember that domain name also plays a role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so carefully select one from the available options.

Web Hosting

Ok, we assume you have thought about a domain name and now want to create the website. In the next stage, you need to register your domain name and purchase web hosting services.

As we mentioned earlier, Godaddy offers hosting at only $1/month for the first years with domain name registration free of costs. Though you have to pay a lot after the first year but as a beginner blogger, this is the best offer. Just click on the button below to get this offer.

Web hosting and domain name registration with godaddy

On the first page, you will see three different offers, Select the Economy offer ($1/mo) and add to your cart.

Godaddy $1/mo web hosting

On the next screen, you have to search for domain names. Enter the domain name you chose and click Search to see whether or not it is available. If It is not available, you will need to choose another domain name.

Select your domain name. Godaddy

If your domain name is available, you will be told about its availability and cost on the next page. In this offer, domain name registration is free for the first year, but in some cases when the domain name includes some special words, it has some cost associated with it. If your domain name is available and its free, go ahead by clicking on Select and Continue.

Select your domain name. Godaddy

You will be redirected to your shopping cart which will look something like this.

Buy $1/month web hosting and domain name with godaddy

You may want to remove the item “Office 365 Starter Email” from the list. Though it is free for the first year, it has a significant cost associated with it when you renew the next year.

Before going ahead, you need to create an account with Godaddy or login if you already have one. It is better to register with before you begin this process.

For a 1 year purchase, your shopping cart should look something like this.

Buy $1/month web hosting and domain name with godaddy

You can pay via PayPal, Master card or any of the several available methods. After the transaction is complete, you will receive an email within a few minutes.

Now you should be able to access web hosting. Click on “Web Hosting”.

Web Hosting and cPanel. Godaddy

Create a new cPanel by clicking on Set Up.

Create cPanel. Godaddy

On the next page, select the domain name you just registered from the drop down list and click on Next.

Setup Your cPanel. Godaddy

Now select the data center you prefer. I would go for Asia, as I live there.

Select your data center. godaddy cpanel setup

Next, you need to create a WordPress account and install WordPress. Carefully enter the information here and remember your credentials. This username and password will be used to access the admin side of your website.

Setup wordpress account. godaddy

Next, select WordPress in the Web Applications tab.

Install WordPress. Godaddy

You will be navigated to the WordPress installation page, click on the “Install this application” button. Next, click Install.

Install WordPress. Godaddy

Install WordPress. Godaddy

This will install WordPress for you. Now your website is ready. you can view it by entering its URL in the address bar of your browser. Your website should be online with the default WordPress theme with a sample post.

To access the admin side of your website, enter the  address in your web browser (replacing YourDomain by the domain name you registered). There you can login using the username and password we just created for WordPress.

Next, you need to search a suitable theme for your website. There are a lot of different themes available, select and install some of them. You may need to install and try different themes in order to find a suitable theme according to what kind of website you want to create.  You will need to learn about WordPress Plugins and how to use different plugins, writing posts, creating widgets and menus and a lot of other things waiting for you…..

Happy Blogging.



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